Nissan Leaf 1400 – review of the owner



Nissan Leaf two thousand twelve – review of the owner.

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Charging we are, view out the window.

Yesterday I drained my battery to çIKOLATA from Turkish to English the point where it started blinking "outlet" drove about 62 miles with a blinking 13KM on the dashboard. Then put the car to charge, at 20:00 and it was charging until 00:45, ie.е. Two hours at the daytime rate and 2: 45 at night, испыты counter mileage and that turned out that 7.8 kW on the daytime running 7.8 x 2.42rub = 18.87rub and night-time 8.5 kW x 0.88 = 7.48 rubles total comes out 26.35 rubles, but this is without UDP look at the end of the month how many calculate, but still in these 16.3 kW goes that during the charging worked two TV and light, well, at most one kW, so the car filled with about 15kW.

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