Test drive Nissan 350Z



We meet the European version

MY COLLEAGUE has already ridden the American version

To be honest, then, in San Francisco, open to me

The skepticism of a colleague hesitated as soon as the keys were handed out https://jiji.co.rw/gasabo/vehicles .

– Can we take a car with a manual transmission? – I ask the representative

– And there is no other.

Good sign. One can feel, preparing the roadster for its debut in the Old World, Nissan took into account the preferences of the local drivers. Europeans buy powerful sports cars not to show off, but to drive. For driving fast. Tires screeching around corners. And the open body is not perceived here as a showcase for demonstration

The rain that had been drizzling in the morning was over. A colleague of mine made attempt after attempt to fold the awning. I just stood nearby, examined the car, looking for the next differences in the European version. At least the external ones. The front bumper is slightly different: they disappeared from it

– Damn it, Dima, help me! a colleague exploded. How does the roof go down ?!

“You drove this car, not me.

– Yes, in this California they do not raise tents, in my opinion. Their roadsters go to the junkyard with the top folded down.

Sun and wind: 20 seconds later.

SITTING on the passenger seat, I took an active part in the search for the cherished key. She was found after a long search on the left under the steering column.

“It’s uncomfortable on the move,” I said.

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