Test drive Nissan 350Z.



Surely many people know who Zorro is and what he did. For those who are not in the know and, I am sure, have not lost anything, Zorro

But seriously, Z is really associated at least not with the last letter in the alphabet and certainly not with Zorro, be it wrong. This letter does not belong to him anymore. And then this rider, when the car, which has long won the recognition of the world community, is reborn after so many years of waiting with such an unexpected design and amazing technical equipment. From now on, the Z signs throughout will be associated exclusively with the advertising of the new creation of the Nissan concern.

rather than the dubious hero of American reality. Although, maybe the Japanese just paid him for PR?

Having got out of the cramped underground garage, I realize the dire situation. The desire to be on a free road seriously conflicts with the situation in the city. By coincidence, all curves and straight lines are completely clogged with cars. Friday met your humble servant and his temporary vehicle with wild traffic jams. (Strange, why would it be!) So the first hours of owning a car were spent studying picking up in first gear, dreams of refueling with 98 gasoline due to the arrow hovering in line with the last division of the arrow, and of course in the inevitable swinging of a number of muscles in the left leg.

At the same time, there was absolutely no discomfort in connection with the landing. True, the pillow adjustments were manual, but they had to be used only once, so they did not cause any inconvenience, except that it was almost impossible to manipulate them with the door closed. Basically, the adjustment process was reduced to longitudinal movement.

During the time spent in traffic jams, no matter how scary it may sound, we managed to fully study the user manual, as well as the amazing capabilities of the Bose system. The seven speakers, including the subwoofer, sound great, except that the 25cm woofer behind the driver’s seat doesn’t deliver the bass everyone expects when they talk about it. He just has other goals, he does not destroy the brain, but simply competently reproduces the lower frequency range. The system settings do not allow very much: bass, treble, signal movement between the speakers and the proprietary AudioPilot system, which controls external noises and adjusts the sound in accordance with the data received through the microphone.

The study of the applied part ended and the imprisonment in the bowels of busy roads, which was beginning to drive mad, also began to fade away, resulting in the first straight line. Fortunately, I already had time to get used to the clutch. The first gear instantly revives the bored engine, providing explosive dynamics, then the second, through the necessary re-gasification, sends me towards the wind, simultaneously changing the third and fourth gears. At the moment of crossing the speed barrier of 100 km / h, I understand that it happened really very quickly, as they say in the characteristics

How do you describe the ride on https://jiji.co.rw/kicukiro/land-and-plots-for-sale this car based on first impressions? Good question. You can probably say that this is a song! Since everyone loves different music, everyone has their own favorite song. 350Z can adapt to any riding style, slow, fast

For those who do not believe in the sporting genes of this car

It is quite natural that everyone thinks about safety cushions when they mention safety. There are six of them, two in front, two on the sides and a pair of side curtains. Since we are talking about the contents of the cabin again, when mentioning the trim, one cannot but think about the general atmosphere that the Japanese have so diligently created – a lot of polished aluminum, soft plastic and gorgeous black leather (optionally, you can order upholstery in bright orange Alezan Orange). The passenger seat differs from the driver’s seat in a wider backrest and is devoid of thickening of the cushion, which provides an increased level of comfort. True, this word applies only to quiet driving modes, and not to piloting on a race track. However, even in such cases, the Japanese came up with a few pleasant little things. The center console is equipped with special soft pads in places of possible contact with the legs, and I would like to thank you for taking care of the right kneecap, which constantly suffers when turning to the left.

Putting people in this car, or better to say just a passenger, because the 350Z is a two-seater, you need to find out if he gets pleasure from fast driving. From personal experience, not all Russians, contrary to popular belief, love her. After all, what gives indescribable pleasure to connoisseurs of racing entourage and the sensations that are born in the soul when overtaking in low gear, sends to the state

it became difficult to read. Once the numbers briskly replacing each other stopped at around 260 km / h, revealing the speed limit of this car.

Such performance was made possible not only by the stunning aerodynamics and suspension capabilities, but naturally the V6 engine played a major role in this. In addition to its excellent dynamics, this power unit also demonstrated excellent traction throughout the entire rev range and in any gear. It was possible not only to switch through the gear in order to eliminate unnecessary stress and the necessary overrunning, but also simply to roll even in sixth gear at a speed of 60-80 km / h. To some, the word roll in relation to a car capable of driving at a speed of 260 km / h may seem strange. But sometimes you really want to just turn on some relaxing music and, sticking in sixth gear, turn on the cruise control. The speed of 110-120 km / h is fixed by the SET button on the steering wheel, and you enjoy a smooth drift on the waves of the asphalt sea. After that, all that is required is to monitor the situation and hold the steering wheel.

Parting with the car, I caught myself thinking about where to get 60,000 dollars to become the owner of this masterpiece. I think that anyone who has driven this car will admit that the Japanese have achieved what they aspired to. And according to the design director of Nissan, Mr. Shira Nakamura, they

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