Nissan Murano: Flights in dreams and in reality.



Sales of intergalactic cross-country have begun in Russia. And what else to call the new Murano, which, with its daring, unearthly appearance, evokes thoughts about space, about the stars and that you will never get bored with such a car. Its appearance is unlikely to set the teeth on edge – it will not work, because such a fantastic exterior, implemented in a serial crossover, has not been observed for a long time. You will watch and ride, ride and watch. And, perhaps, you will not get enough of it.

Down with gravity! Let’s push off and fly. At least in a dream, in fantasies – have you forgotten how to do it yet? Or it is possible in reality: a new splendid kind of cross is just waiting for the “key to start” command. Well, he does not have the key, of course, but the button, by the will of the designers “disguised” by the gearbox selector and therefore not very noticeable. But is it important when such a thing! Murano of the third generation will tear him off the ground at least in his thoughts: “aliens” from the California Nissan painted his appearance ”, and at the company’s plant they are sculpted for us in metal and taking into account Russian“ lunar landscapes ”.

Sign me up as an astronaut! But the program of events dedicated to the start of production of Murano did not include. But we saw almost all the stages of the assembly of the upcoming Russian novelty, and, most of all, we were impressed by the coherence of technological processes – not a single extra person, not a single extra movement. It simply cannot be otherwise: the plant operates in full compliance with the APW (Alliance Production Way) system, thanks to which in 2012 and 2014 it was marked as the best in product quality among all Nissan assembly plants in the world. This – a real “Japanese”, only gathering with us.

Moving along the conveyor, the body is overgrown with details, and leaves the podium already dressed up. Emotions famously hit the body: it is one thing to look at the most spectacular photo, and quite another to see the car “alive”. When she finally appeared, supported by special effects, it became clear that she did not need anything like that – the fire itself, the beam of light itself, the fireworks itself, although it was not there. Our second meeting takes place three months later – so what? The same sensations, only now we will go. Or will we fly?

Under the hood is the proven V-shaped petrol “six”, giving out 249 horsepower and 325 Nm of torque, the peak of which is reached at 4400 rpm. There is only one alternative to it on the Russian market – a hybrid power plant, which includes a compressor engine and an electric motor with an energy recovery function and battery power. In total, we get 254 hp. power of 368 “newtons” of thrust, 7 liters per 100 kilometers of track and 1000 kilometers of run on one tank.

It’s tempting, but I’m a fan of pure ICE. In addition, the unit has such a pleasant timbre … Breaking through the excellent sound insulation of Murano, it caresses the ear, creating an enveloping background: pay attention to this and you will be pleasantly surprised. The continuously variable transmission XTronic CVT has not gone anywhere, but especially for the version with V6, it was thoroughly conjured over it, slightly reducing the dimensions, weight, increasing reliability (almost 60 percent of the parts were redesigned), and most importantly, the range of gear ratios was expanded, which, according to the manufacturer, significantly increased the dynamics of acceleration and smoothness of the course.

Well, let’s check it out. And it would be high time, but, I confess, I keep postponing this moment, because there is another, no less interesting: I once again go around Murano and once again discover something new in the merging of volumes, lines, contours. It is difficult, in fact, to believe that he gave the go-ahead for the creation of this “bomb”. It is not only able to sow a slight panic in the camp of its closest competitors (those for whom design is more important than other components, and in the choice of crossovers it plays one of the fundamental roles, perhaps prefer Murano to Tuarega, Infinity and Santa Fe) , but, and I must admit it, overshadow the rest of the glorious Nissan family.

A powerful front end, decorated in a corporate style, an incredible outline of the front light optics and boomerang-shaped taillights, a filigree drawn silhouette, discs with a pattern of spokes that create a feeling of flight in motion, embossed sidewalls, but no, the same … “Soaring roof” – that’s it. a real calling card of the third generation of Murano. The trick is Residential Land for sale in Rwanda simple: the rear pillars are covered with black plastic overlays that visually merge with the rear tinted windows.

Yes, the “trick” is simple, but Murano is far from simple. He hides in himself many interesting “details”. For example, it has a drag coefficient of 0.31, which not every sports model can boast of. The quality of the interior, according to the company, has reached a premium level.

They say the truth. The feeling that you are in a premium, if you use this word, does not leave the car for a minute. From landing to opening the tailgate, folding the rear seats and just getting out of the car. And between these actions – a lot of different “little things” that complement the atmosphere of genuine, and not declared comfort.

I start the engine – and the chair starts to move, restoring the previous position from memory: how nice that the previous driver was with me of the same build – there is nothing to do and I, for the sake of order, “dabble” with the electric drive of the steering wheel. The chairs themselves are a separate topic and it is, pardon the pun, in the “topic”. Space! The wide seats have been jointly developed with the US Aerospace Agency (NASA) for eight years.

There is a whole science of “pivot points” and their optimal mutual arrangement, which reduces fatigue, stress on the back, lower back, spine. Moreover, the Murano is the first car in the Nissan lineup, where the back row sofa is also made using the same technology called Zero Gravity (like “down with gravity”).

It easily folds out of the passenger compartment, forming a flat surface, and then the trunk volume grows from 454 to 1603 liters. When unloading, use a different algorithm, which is much more interesting: by pressing and holding the buttons on the sides of the trunk, you will bring the backrests to their original position, and to fold them back, just pull the lever. The tailgate itself is equipped with servos and is opened from the passenger compartment, with a button on the end and from the key fob.

Inhabitants of the “gallery” can adjust the tilt of the backs for themselves, move forward or “roll back” – there is plenty of space here, use the function of instant seat heating. They will definitely not get bored: for them – separate USB and HDMI connectors and monitors in the headrests of the front seats.

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