8 best online dictionaries for studying British



8 Best Online Dictionaries for Researching British.

In the age of computer technology, it is unrealistic to imagine studying a foreign language without an online dictionary or translator. Paper dictionaries are steadily falling by the wayside as everyone who has a computer, tablet or phone uses word translation applications and programs, which have a number of incontestable advantages over traditional cardboard dictionaries.

Firstly, online dictionaries give all the information you need in seconds, just type the word and expression you need in the search box.

B-2, online applications and dictionaries have many times more capabilities and features than their paper counterparts. Electric dictionaries give the greatest number of word meanings, explanations, examples, for which there is simply no room in a cardboard dictionary.

B-3, online dictionaries are interactive. For example, they allow you not only to see the transcription, but also to listen to the pronunciation of a word. In some dictionaries you can even listen to some examples or read the explanations of other users. In addition, online dictionaries do not take up space and can always be with you.

And the last thing I want to highlight – you can use without charge online dictionaries. Most of the online dictionaries of English contain complete and comprehensive information in free access, for which you do not need to pay. If you need a specialized dictionary, or advanced features, you may have to pay a fee.

Online dictionaries work only if you are connected to the web. And if you would like to install the electric version of the dictionary on your computer and download additional dictionaries on various topics, you will most likely have to pay for the license.

What online dictionary do you use??

Virtually everyone I asked this question, without hesitation, names Goodle Translate . It is easy to use and gives a ready translation. But our list of the recommended online dictionaries does not include Goodle Translate. I do not recommend using Google Translate to learn British either for my students or for you. It is not a dictionary, it is a translator. It does not teach you to learn or force you to think.

If your level of British is already Pre-intermediate or higher you need to move on to monolingual dictionaries and forget about translations into Russian.

But which dictionary to choose?? How to find the right one?

Especially for you I selected the best, most popular online dictionaries, most of which are monolingual, in other words they do not provide translations into Russian, which you are so accustomed to, but offer definitions of words in British. Online monolingual dictionaries are a must for you when researching British, so read the descriptions, choose the one you like best, and use!

Longman Contemporary Dictionary.

If your level is Pre-intermediate or higher, this online dictionary is for you.

The explanations of the words in British, but they are fairly common. Can listen to the English and South American pronunciation. Information on how the word is often used is given. The dictionary offers a huge number of examples of word usage. You can listen to example sentences. Stable combinations, combinations with prepositions are given. Explains the differences between the South American and the English translation variations. Suggested explanations from the Longman Business Dictionary , therefore the dictionary can be used by both General Course and Business Course students of British.

Oxford Living Dictionaries.

This monolingual dictionary is also suitable for Pre-Intermediate level and above.

The explanations are short, a transcription is suggested and the pronunciation of the word can be listened to. Begin with one or two examples, making it easy to absorb information. You can get more examples and synonyms by clicking on More Examples or Synonyms . The default pronunciation is English, but in the top menu you can switch to the Dictionary of South American English to listen to the South American pronunciation and find out the meaning and usage of the word in South American English. There is a thesaurus with synonyms and dialectal synonyms as well. Stable combinations and idioms with the main word are given. The Grammar section has a lot of useful information: differences in the use of words, grammar tips, punctuation rules, and almost everything else.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

This is a monolingual dictionary for high and advanced level, it is suitable for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced level, for FCE, CAE, CPE exam preparation, because in comparison with the first 2 dictionaries the explanations here are wider and more complicated.

More «Advanced» Explanations, more synonyms, antonyms, examples of word usage. You can listen to English and South American pronunciation. Articles in which the subtleties of using words with similar meanings and synonyms are discussed are recommended for reading. Additional examples and information about the origin of the word are offered separately. Detailed explanations of phrasal verbs with examples. A separate block contains idioms for the word you are interested in, with explanations and examples.

Macmillan Dictionary.

The Dictionary is for anyone from Pre-Intermediate level and above.

The explanations are simple and there is a possibility to see how often the word is used, also possible word forms. Presented is a transcription, you can listen to how to pronounce the word. Default is the English variant of the dictionary, but you can change the options to the South American version. If you wish to obtain information about the origin of the word, lists of synonyms, you can go to the thesaurus, which offers exhaustive explanations, aspects, differences in the use of words. Combinations with prepositions and examples of their use are given. A good transition to articles on idiomatic expressions. The dictionary offers detailed explanations of phrasal verbs with examples and the ability to get more information in the thesaurus.

Collins Dictionary.

I can not help but recommend to you Collins dictionary, paper analogues of which are so popular that they have become handbooks for many who study British.

Online dictionary connects dictionaries of different levels. 1st unit with word meanings – is from the Collins English Dictionary and is appropriate for Pre-Intermediate level and above. Below you can find a block with more detailed and complex word meanings, which is represented by COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary . In addition to the usual functions (transcription, pronunciation, information about the frequency of consumption), provides information about the origin of the word, how popular the word was in a certain period of time, which you can choose on a scale. The dictionary provides a wide list of synonyms of the word with examples of its use in a sentence, as well as antonyms of the word. The most important feature that distinguishes this online dictionary from others is the availability of word translation in more than 20 languages. All these features make the interface of the dictionary a little «overloaded» compared to others, but you just get used to it.


A monolingual dictionary aimed at those learning the South American version of the British language.

You can listen to how the word is pronounced, and the transcription is presented in 2 formats: in our usual format of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and in the format of syllabic transcription, between which you can switch. Pronunciation, spelling, and meanings of words are given in South American. Dictionary Thesaurus offers a large list of synonyms and explains the difference between them. There is information about the origins of words. Includes related forms and antonyms of the word. The dictionary includes both historical and modern examples of usage from blogs, media, and videos. Dictionary integrated with the Collins English Dictionary, so you can also learn the meanings of words in British English.


If you watch videos, read blogs in British, you can not do without the dictionary of modern slang, and UrbanDictionary – is a good example of such a dictionary. But this is a monolingual dictionary, which means that all definitions and explanations are in British.

This is probably the most modern dictionary, as it is supplemented and updated by ordinary users once a day. Very good search, you can find individual words as well as phrases. In this dictionary you will find interpretations and explanations of meanings and colors of slang, argotic, profane and even uncensored phrases, words and expressions. Users can vote for explanations, so you can find the reliability of information. The dictionary contains not only obscene words and phrases, but also stable expressions, idioms and phrases that are used in everyday speech, but often are not included in ordinary dictionaries.


If you still can not do without Russian translations, or want to check yourself, then use Multitran. This is a bilingual online dictionary designed for translators.

Multitran gives a lot of word meanings in different topics, explaining the colors of meanings and aspects. The English-Russian Dictionary has a transcription, but you cannot listen to the word here. In the English-Russian variant it is possible to receive examples of usage of phrases with the word necessary for you in different topics. And the Russian-English variant gives you many different translations on various topics. You can find example sentences, but all of them are for all words and not all meanings. Multitran is also supplemented by users, they add different meanings of words in different topics, also probable variants of translation of a word in Russian.

You see, there is a choice, and it’s quite large. If you are not yet a very active user of online dictionaries, it is worth a try, you will see how it is comfortable, fast and useful.

Choose the dictionary that suits your level, with an interface that is pleasant for your use. Pay attention to the features you need and the language you are researching, either English or Latin American.

Introduction of monolingual dictionaries online will certainly have a positive impact on your research, because they teach you to think not by translations, but by interpretations, in addition, you will get even more information than the old-fashioned cardboard dictionary is ready to give you.

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